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Silvia Guzzi is a literary and social sciences translator. She grew up in Brussels and lives in Rome. After a BA in Translation (ILMH, Brussels), she participated successfully for one year in the Master in Literary Translation (CETL, RECIT Network). Her translations of Italian (M. Gualtieri, S. Bre, G. Sapienza) and Spanish-language (C. Vitale, A. Mayol) contemporary poets have appeared in Les Carnets d’Eucharis, Le Festival Permanent des mots, Terres de femmes, Recours au poème, Terre à ciel, Paysages écrits, Irisnews, PoetarumSilva, and in the art book Photographies by R. Lebarbier. As an author, she contributed to the anthology on “Poetry in exile” edited by Laurent Grisons (éd. Henry, 2018). She translated a novel and co-translated the surtitles of a theatre play by Fausto Paravidino (Teatro Valle-Bozar). She published many specialized translations in the field of psychotherapy, international cooperation and arts, for publishers and international organizations. ATLF Member.