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Adrien Bardi Bienenstock is a French-Italian writer, singer and translator. At an early age he chose to an autodidactic path in order to vary his experiences and enhance his competencies. This led to a diverse set of undertakings. He was trained in building banjos; spent a year roaming in the autonomous community for autistic adults set up by Fernand Deligny; audited university courses in anthropology, history of art and philosophy; created an array of discursive, musical, physical and acoustic games; participated in Joris Lacoste’s narrative hypnosis projects and his Encyclopédie de la Parole; crossed Jutland alone and on foot in winter with neither tent nor map; partook in various “talking choirs”; organised workshops around music and instrument-making for adults and children in both institutions and wastelands. He plays regularly with improvisers and free-jazz musicians and writes for various magazines. Anonymously or not, he has written for painters and musicians, and continues to publish booklets, translate lyrics, poetry and political philosophy, and organise international music and poetry festivals.