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Alessandra Bertuccelli (1982) translates from Bulgarian, Russian and English into Italian. She follows Slavic Europe for the Italian magazine Internazionale, does literary scouting, taught literary translation from Bulgarian into Italian at Sofia University for nine years, and collaborates with literary magazines and news sites. She edited and translated Cavalli indomati, an anthology of poetry by Konstantin Pavlov, translated Ekaterina Josifova's poetry anthology La pioggia fuori, Rumen Ivanchev's poetry book Alberino, and Zdravka Evtimova's novel Lo stesso fiume. Since 2023 she has been part of the translator team of the #FreeAllWords project coordinated by EWC and CEALT and in 2024 she has been invited to be a mentor within the CELA project. She is a member of Strade, the Italian trade union of editorial translators. She has been living in Sofia since 2009.


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