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Adriana Langtry is born in Buenos Aires and lives in Milan since 1977. Graduated in hispano-american literature with a thesis entitled I simboli dell’immaginario nazionale nel romanzo argentino di fine ‘900, she has published articles, tales and poetry in magazines like «Sipario», «Crocevia», «Pagine», «El-Ghibli»; and anthologies among which Sempre ai confini del verso. Dispatri poetici in italiano (Chemins de tr@verse, 2011), La donna nascosta. Verba Agrestia duemilatredici (Lietocolle, 2013), Parole di frontiera. Autori latinoamericani in Italia (Arcoiris, 2014), Fil Rouge (CFR, 2015). Besides writing she is also a visual artist. On 2015 she published in France an ebook with her  first collection of bilingual poetry (italian-french) and collages, Fragmenta Colorata, (P.J.Varet). Now she writes for the website L’Enciclopedia delle donne, the online Art du collage Magazine and the blog Los amigos de Cervantes. She is a member of the Compagnia delle poete (