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Martina Olcese is an archaeologist and freelance researcher, born in Italy (Genoa), and grown up in France (Pay de Gex). She owns a Swiss Master of Arts in Museum studies, and a PhD in Classical and modern cultures and literatures (University of Genoa, IT). Her Master Thesis, dealing with illegal trade of antiquities and forgeries of Etruscan art, has been published in Thesis, cahier d’Histoire des collections (n.15/2013, Université de Neuchâtel, 2015). Her scientific interests span over the history of religions, cultural anthropology, experimental archaeology and museum ethics. She has published research works on topics like the significance of prehistoric rock art, museum didactics, female initiatory rites in ancient Greece. Throughout her academic training and professional experience, she had collaborations with a number of institutions in Italy and abroad, in the field of conservation and protection of cultural heritage, such the Italian ministry of culture (Polo Museale della Liguria). As an intern at Genoa royal Palace, she worked as a guide for the temporary exhibition Canova, l’invenzione della gloria (2016). She has been charged of the translation of educational materials for a number of institutions. To support Shalom NGO, she translated into French the text Ne scelse dodici perché stessero con lui (Valentino Salvoldi, Pro manuscripto, 2006), intended to be used as training material for clerics in French speaking African countries. She has been working for two years as a cataloguer and metadata curator at the Scientific Information service of an international organisation in Geneva.


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