Identities in Motion. Legacies and Representations of Mobility in Contemporary Italy

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Wednesday, 9 March 2019

Identities in motion is a forum in which to discuss methodologies and representational practices. In the context of discussing mobility, Italy offers an interesting case study due to the singularity of the colonial past, the complexity of the process of decolonization, the history of migration from and, in the more recent past, to Italy. All these historical and social phenomena are seen in a multi-disciplinary perspective that encourages a complex awareness of the different meanings of Italian and European identities and belonging.

This year, the focus is on cultural, artistic, and academic works that make available their outcomes via digital archives, interactive maps, and web blogs, in order to explore in what ways digital tools contribute to offer a perspective on the critical understanding of Italian contemporary history, culture, and society.

During the event, the organizers will launch the website, a platform through which track down news, events, and debates pertaining to the themes of the project. For updates on Twitter: #italiesinmotion.
The event is co-organized by Drs Gianmarco Mancosu and Gioia Panzarella and is kindly sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Study and the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Warwick

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